About DW

D Wilson photo for website (2)The idea for this line of service for the park and recreation field came from years of watching colleagues become so involved with day-to-day operations that their “big-picture” projects and strategic thinking initiatives got pushed to the wayside. They needed help, but who would they find at a reasonable price to do short-term, high-level work? Their budgets couldn’t afford a large consulting contract and the quantity of work didn’t justify an entire new position. If this sounds familiar to you – we can help! It’s amazing how good you’ll feel crossing that nagging task off your to-do list!

Dannielle Wilson, owner and senior consultant, has worked as a practitioner for three park and recreation agencies: two special districts and one municipal department. With undergraduate and master’s degrees in recreation administration as well as continuing education experiences like NRPA’s Revenue Development and Management School, she backs up her nearly 15 years of practical experience with a solid educational foundation. Dannielle has served in senior leadership roles at two organizations and has, since 2016, consulted on over a dozen projects for agencies across the nation.

Dannielle is regularly described as a strategic thinker who pushes boundaries from “what it is” to “what it could be.” A seasoned problem-solver, she regularly turns big-picture ideas into detailed operational plans.

DW Recreation Consulting regularly teams with other firms to accomplish larger scope tasks, such as comprehensive master plans and strategic plans. Heller and Heller Consulting, LLC, serving the industry for over 11 years, is a primary partner.